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Dr. Edwin J. Andrews
Józef Pitsudski - Father of Poland's Independence - The Second Republic
This is an eight frame display exhibit detailing the life of Jósef Pitsudski, a Polish patriot and leader. The exhibit spans from his birth in 1867 to his death in 1935, detailing the major influences in his life, and his legacy, whxih extands to the presents day. The exhibit has 6 subject chapters which are not necessarily in chronological order. However, within each chapter, the flow of details is chronologic.
  • Chapter 1: Early Life & Influences

  • Chapter 2: Soldier

  • Chapter 3: Chief of State

  • Chapter 4: Dictator [de facto leader]

  • Chapter 5: Family, Lifestyle & Death

  • Chapter 6: Recognition & Legacy
Download the whole exhibit as a PDF: Father_Of_Poland_Independence.pdf (253 MB)