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The competitive activity of stamp collecting is exhibiting. As a member of Polonus, you have one of the best programs available for exhibiting Polish material and developing your competitive edge, whether a beginner or seasoned philatelist. This section contains a description of Polonus’ program, including a gallery of award-winning exhibits for your viewing pleasure. For access to topics listed below, click on the appropriate submenu item under Exhibiting on the left.

  • Polonus Awards Program - Description of the various categories eligible for a Polonus award and illustrations of typical awards.
  • Grand Award Winners - Listing of members who were recognized as “Grand Award” winners for multi-frame and one-frame exhibits.
  • Exhibit Mentoring - Description of the program including the name and email address for the Chair of the Exhibits & Awards Committee.
  • Exhibit Gallery - Several award-winning exhibits, including an ability to enlarge any page in an exhibit for enhanced viewing.