Polonis Polish Philatelic Society
Useful Links

AAPE - American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors
A worldwide organization of stamp collectors that exhibit their collections competitively and work together for the betterment of philatelic exhibiting and judging standards.

American Philatelic Society
APS, the largest nonprofit society in the world for stamp collectors.

ATSnotes World Paper Money and Bank Notes
Anna & Tom Sluszkiewicz offer a huge selection of world Paper Money and Bank Notes. The site includes a World Paper Money Catalog and History of World Currency with  20,000 Bank Notes illustrated in color.  

Bieniecki Int'l, Inc
The Largest and Oldest Firm in North America Specializing In Polish Philatelic Material

Groszy Overprints
Site dedicated to the groszy overprints of 1950. It utilizes the exhibit material of Polonus member George Zelwinder to identify and illustrate the different overprints used during the currency devaluation. See George's exhibit in the "Exhibits" section of the Polonus website.

i-KF - Internet Philatelist Club
i-KF affiliate with internet as the virtual meeting place for a global membership. Focus on promotion of Polish philately in the Polish language. In addition to publishing articles on a regular basis, this site included digitized versions of Polish philatelic publications, such as Przeglad Filatelistyczny.

Philatelic History of Poland & WWII
A site that presents the involvement of the Polish Armed Forces in various military campaigns as a member of the Allied Forces, as well as those events that led to Poland being coerced into becoming a Communist state.

Poland Przedborz Issues
Identification & History

Polish Canadian Coin & Stamp Club - Troyak
Large Toronto, Ontario area Polish stamp and coin collectors' club. Very active membership.

Polish Post
Official web site of the Polish Post

Stamps Commemorating Poland Issued by Other Countries

PZF - Polski Zwiazek Filatelistow
Official website of the Polish Philatelic Union

Rossica Society is a world-wide society devoted to all aspects of Russian philately, from the pre-stamp days of Imperial Russia to current post-Soviet philately. The purpose of the Society is to unite all philatelist throughout the world with an interest in Russian philately.

Solidarity Issues
Site is dedicated to the issues of the Polish Solidarity movement.

Stamp Domain
Site devoted to many areas of stamp collecting including multiple links to reference sites. This link takes you directly to the section pertaining to Poland. Click "Home" at top of this page to explore the other countries covered by this reference website. 

Stamp Encyclopedia of Poland
An extremely comprehensive listing of all the areas of Polish philately including regular issues, local issues, P.O.W issues and Labels. Virtually all issues items are described this comprehensive vast wealth of information. Text is in English 

Internet auction site of Polish phiatelic material. Four to five auctions per year. Archive is excellent as reference material.