Polonis Polish Philatelic Society

Q1: Why should I complete and submit my Registration data for the Polonus Website?

A1:  Polonus Members who click on Registration Button and submit all the requested data will have their website account activated. After activation (members will receive an email confirming activation)  the member may at any time simply enter their User name and Password to Login to the Polonus Website and gain full access to all “members only” features on the Societies website including high quality PDF copies of the Digital Bulletins from 539 forward.

Visitors who Register will not receive full access to all “members only” features. However Registered Visitors will be given access to certain website functions not available to un-registered visitors. A registered visitor will be able to request and receive a Free Sample Copy of the latest Digital Polonus Bulletin in PDF format via email. In the future Polonus will provide additional benefits to registered visitors including the ability to purchase commemorative items and philatelic material that will be offered for sale on the website.  

Q2:  As a Member may I use the electronic Registration feature on the Polonus Website to submit changes in my email, mailing address etc to Polonus?

A2:  Yes. The registration form will require you to complete all the “required data” before you will be able to submit the data. Be sure and use your active User Name and Password. In the future you will be able to update your Account Data directly without using registration.

Q3:  I am a member of Polonus but have never created a User Name or Password and registered. May I use the electronic Registration feature to register for the website? 

A3:  Yes, the electronic Registration feature added to the website is replacing the paper Website Registration Form which will ultimately be deleted from the Society website.