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Since November 1940 the Polonus Philatelic Society has published in English over 500 Bulletins which address virtually every aspect of Polish philately. Members of the Society receive Bulletins quarterly. The Bulletin Index located on this site provides a through cross-reference of all articles and authors from Bulletin # 1 through 401. No index exists at present for Bulletins #402 forward.

BOUND Bulletin Index:

Bound hard copies of the Index for Bulletins from 1940 to 1983 are available from Polonus for $9.95 including PH. Send your order and payment to Polonus, P.O. Box 60438, Rossford, OH, 43460.

ELECTRONIC Bulletin Index:

Polonus is currently building a fully searchable index for the Bulletins issued from 1939 to date. Members and visitors will be able to search for articles based on (1) Author (2) Article Title (3) Subject (4) Topic (5) Scott Number (6) Fischer Number and (7)Bulletin Number. Each Article may have up to 3 Sub-Topics assigned. The software is complete and functional but the arduous task of inputting the data is ongoing. It will be completed during the summer.

Users will have two options of searching. The first is to search for any word, phrase or number in the first search box. The second will be a drop down menu which lists all of the Topics assigned to articles. By selecting the correct topic all articles associated with the Topic will be displayed to the user.

As new Bulletins are issued, they will automatically be input into the Searchable Index. The availability of this resource will significantly increase the value of the Library of Polonus Bulletins for both members and non-members.


P1 Pad - Ple
P2 Poland (Adh-Num)
P3 Poland (Pre) - Polona
P4 Polonus - Postal (R)
P5 Postal (S) - Pub


Purchase of Bulletins

The society maintains for sale, a small stock of Bulletins which may be ordered by Issue Number from Polonus, P.O. Box 60438, Rossford, OH 43460 at the following prices:

Members: $2.00 each. Non-Members: $5.00 each. Members
wishing to purchase a partial or complete series of Bulletins may send an email to info@polonus.org for discounted pricing.

Terms of purchase: Check or Money Order payable to Polonus with order. Add $0.50 P/H for each Bulletin ordered. Orders for 10 Bulletins, may add a flat P/H fee of $5.00.