Polonis Polish Philatelic Society


User Guide: Product Purchase and Payment

1. Be sure you have logged into the website. Login should now read Logout.  (Only Registered users may use this function. (See the Last Section).

2. Click Store in Menu. Next click Browse Products.

3. Select a product you wish to purchase. Click the Buy button to put that product in MyCart. Repeat until all the products you want to purchase, have been loaded into MyCart.

4. Click on MyCart at the top of the page to view the products you selected.  If selection(s) in MyCart are incorrect change Quantity to Zero.  Click on Browse Products in Main Menu to return to List. Do not use Back Arrow. Doing so may disconnect and require you to Login again. 

5. In MyCart select either Pay by Check or Pay by PayPal.  In Notes, add your member number plus comments you may wish to include with your order.

6. Select appropriate Postage & Handling charges

7. Click Send Order.

8a. Payment by Check Option:  After Send Order is clicked a Numbered Confirmation will appear on the Screen. The payment process is complete. A confirmation will be sent to your Email.

8b. Payment via PayPal:   After Send Order is clicked a Numbered Confirmation with a PayPal Button at the bottom, will appear on the Screen.  Click the PayPal Button.

PayPal’s Login Page will be displayed. Confirm email displayed in PayPal Login Page is your PayPal Account email. If not correct enter the correct email address. Enter your Password
and  Login to PayPal.

Confirm that payment amount on PayPal invoice is correct. Click Pay Now.  The payment process is complete. You will be sent confirmation emails by Polonus and PayPal.

Polonus Website Registration 

Members and Guests must be Registered for the Website to use the Store and other functions. To Register, click on  Membership in Main Menu. Next click on Benefits.  On the lower part of Benefits page, click on button labeled Website Registration. Complete and Submit the digital Website Application.

Registration will not be effective immediately after submission. To accelerate registration email Website Administrator at info@biistamp.com,

Store usage and registration questions. Email Hank Bieniecki:  info@biistamp.com

Questions about products in Store.  Email Bob Ogrodnik: robert.ogrodnik@sbcglobal.net