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Member Benefits

On behalf of the many Polonus members who already enjoy the benefits of our global society, we invite you to join us. Listed below is a summary of these benefits.
  1. Polonus Bulletin All memberships include a subscription to the quarterly publication with a choice of either a Print version that is mailed or an Digital version that is available on the Polonus website. The Polonus Bulletin has the longest period of uninterrupted issuance of any Polish philatelic publication, here or abroad, and has a wealth of philatelic information not found in other English language publications.
  2. Polonus Website The Polonus Website is available to all visitors, however, selective sections are available to “members only”. Members are provided a “user name” and “password” for login and access to “members only” sections of the website. Features of Polonus website can be found on the Home Page menu choices.
  3. Library The Polonus Library has been consolidated with the American Philatelic Research Library (APRL) in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. This gives Polonus members access to the online Philatelic Union Catalog, which contains holdings from several other philatelic libraries, including the Royal Philatelic Society of London and the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in Washington, D.C. Instructions on how to use this reference library can be found on the Polonus Website.
  4. Expertizing Recommended list of qualified expertizing services can be found on the Polonus Website. This includes a list of experts certified by the Polish Philatelic Union in Warsaw.
  5. Study Groups Participation in specialized collecting / exhibiting, such as, Aerophilately, P.O.W. Camps, DP / Intern Camps, Słania, etc.
  6. Polonus Annual Meeting & Exhibition Held in conjunction with an APS National Exhibition and Dealer Bourse. Selection of the APS stamp show is based upon location, giving the largest number of members a chance to attend a show in their vicinity. A listing of future shows where Polonus will meet is available on the website.
  7. Regional Conclaves Polonus occasionally holds regional conclaves at various APS shows. Recently we participated in Filatelic Fiesta (San Jose, CA 2018) and will be at the 2020 Sarasota FL show.
  8. Exhibit Mentoring Assistance and advice from experienced Polonus exhibitors and judges is available to “members only” assisting those are just beginning exhibiting or who are seasoned veterans.
  9. Polonus Exhibitor Awards Special awards for the best multi-frame exhibit; the best one-frame exhibit; the best first-time exhibitor; gold, silver and bronze medals; and exhibitor certificates.
  10. Document Translation Polish-English or English-Polish translations are provided by members volunteering for this service. We also have arrangements with fellow societies to translate Ukrainian and Lithuanian. Russian translation is also available. This is a no-cost “members only” service.
  11. Polish Philatelic Terms Polish-English Philatelic Dictionary is available on the Polonus Website for “members only”.
  12. Bulletin Back-Issues More than 550 Bulletins have been issued since 1940 and all are available as back-issues individually or in annual sets, including complete sets. Back issues are archived on the Polonus Website for viewing by “members only”, with searches accessible via index.
  13. Polonus Store Polonus is the custodian of the former POLPEX show inventory of souvenir sheets, show cards and event covers. This rich repository provides material for those collecting Poland in general, POLPEX as a subject and items for many topical collectors who have specialized interests. The store has a separate site with easy PayPal access for payment. In addition Polonus maintains a Polonus Store Annex eBay store where donated worldwide philatelic material is sold for the benefit of the Society.
  14. Dealer Discounts Participating dealer-members of Polonus offer special discounts on Polish philatelic material purchased by Polonus members.